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Cultural Cold War: mutually assured destruction and maybe something new.

Soldiers holding eachother.

credit: Henry Tonks Two wounded soldiers


Cultural Cold War - mutually assured destruction (hopefully) of the two parties in the Culture Wars.

The two major parties mirror each other in rhetoric and tactics. They are in a arms race where both sides are escalating and neither side can back down.

This cold war has been readily apparent in the tit-for-tat news cycle recently:

Given that this mirroring will continue, what does this imply will happen in the culture wars? Escalation will increase to the point of absurdity. Then the two sides will lose their legitimacy. They won’t be able to escape it because even if they know their legitimacy is being eroded, they have to respond in kind. They are locked in. Think about it, we are at the point where they are accusing each other of child molestation and golden showers.

This hasn’t played out and I don’t know when it will, but I think it might soon. I guess it depends on where our threshold for bullshit is. I would have thought that threshold was breached already but I guess not. Either way it will happen but don’t look upon it as a bad thing. It is something dieing that needs to die. This is an opportunity. When they start to die off there will be a window get new ideas in place. A time to try new things. So get ready. Get prepared.

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You Should Listen to Libertarians

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Julius Thiengen Bloch (American (born Germany), Kehl 1888–1966 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

I don’t mean that you should agree with them. What I mean is that you should listen to libertarian media even if you don’t agree with the philosophy. Why? Because they question everything. You know where they stand and it is against the government. Oh and by the way, they are also against big business and they way it uses government to set regulations. They are skeptical of the whole damn system.

Right now we have a team mentality when it comes to politics. We are all invested in these bubbles and have a complex system where we signal each other to let each other know which team we are on. The worse thing is that we are emotionally invested in these political identities. The great thing is that the libertarians are not. They sit on the sidelines and boo both teams. They give an outsiders perspective to our political climate.

If you have strong partisan stand then you should definitely not listen to the other side because it is simply a dark mirror of your own views. You should listen to libertarians who are the third way of American politics.

I think the one of the most damaging myths is that most Americans are basically non-partisan and just want Washington to be bi-partisan. I’m calling bullshit on this. If this were true we wouldn’t have MSNBC and FOX News. I think there are what Roger Stone would call a lot of low information voters, who don’t have have strong ideologies and therefore open to sway. The libertarian mindset is the opposite of this. It is high information and you will find libertarian media to appeal to the highest common denominator.

If you don’t already have libertarian media in your line-up then I would recommend starting with these two:

Jason Stapleton

Tom Woods podcast